Our promise to you is; We will always be available, we will always pay attention to detail and we will always be accountable.

Focus Advertising Specialties is a family owned business for over 17 years. Ron and Kathryn Edwards share a joined vision about business and especially customer and vendor relationships. Their motto (above) is what they live by in their personal and business lives. They attribute their success to taking GOD as a business partner.

Ron has been a small business owner for over 30 years. Ron has unique personal and professional qualities that he brings to all client/vendor relationships. He genuinely likes people. Ron provides the kind of knowledge and attention to marketing/promotional needs for clients that goes beyond just business.

Ron is very involved in his community as a Veteran (USMC). Ron, also a musician, wrote and performed a Benefit Song “You Have Forgotten Me” about the plight of Homeless Veterans, at the behest of the New Mexico Secretary of Veterans’ affairs, John Garcia. You can hear the song in it's entirety in the YouTube video below.

Kathryn has a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. She has had a career for 15 years working with Architectural & Graphic Design Firms both in Canada and the United States, designing & producing complete construction drawings on computer for residential and commercial buildings. She is also a certified Montessori Teacher and a published amateur photographer.

Kathryn is now the creative force in our Graphic Design Department. By providing Graphics in-house we are able to do custom design, make changes to existing artwork or use the artwork as is, to ensure the best visual impact on the promotional products we sell. This is a service that makes us stand out from other promotional distributors.

We also ensure that the artwork is in the camera-ready format that manufacturers require to produce the specific imprint layout. This saves our clients time as they get to proof the artwork before it goes to the vendor and it saves time in that the vendor has the artwork ready to proceed.

We are members of SAGE Technologies Inc. All the products we supply our clients with are top rate and we have an excellent rapport/relationship with all the vendors that we choose to use.

We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.


In 2007 I was asked by then NM Cabinet Secretary of Veterans Affairs John M. Garcia to write a song about Homeless Veterans. I did so and had it produced by Gammy Award Winning Producer Larry Mitchell. My song entitled "You Have Forgotten Me" is about the plight of Homeless Veterans. I feel blessed; I had been homeless for about three months after discharge in 1985. When I speak to Homeless Veterans at the Standdown I remind them that they are not what they look like right now; that is just a phase in their lives and to not give up hope. I had also been asked to sing the National Anthem on November 11th for the Veterans Day celebration at the Bataan Memorial Building in Santa Fe, NM 2018. Here also is the YouTube video complied by another veteran friend of mine, Phil Chavez, using my song to a montage of images of veterans both in and out of service or homeless. It is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbGZczB98eA  standdown2011-0001 Ronald Edwards. Please feel free to share this with whomever you would like. The sad truth is that 22 Veterans commit suicide every day. If this song/video might help alleviate this trend I want nothing in return.


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